• What is Programming
  • No pre-knowledge is required
  • Enthusiasm is all you need!
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code
  • XHTML, HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap
  • PHP Programming, Mysql, Mysqli
  • XHTML, HTML 5 Formatting, Lists, Forms, Tables, Div, CSS2, CSS3
  • Methods, Class, Id, Tree Method, Browser Compatibility Issues, PSD TO HTML
  • Conversion of Professional Design into HTML
  • Static WebSite Project Bootstrap
  • Conditional, Looping Structure Arrays, Functions, GET POST Method, Session
  • Professional Working Approach MYSQL & MYSQLi Project Based Practical
  • Deleting, Updating, Inserting And Other Methods
  • Admin Panel Creation And Final Project Assignment
  • Securities And Data Manipulation
  • DOM, Creating Objects, Events
  • Creation of Dynamic Page Objects
  • Sliders
  • Intro And Tips
  • Synchronization of Data
  • Create aDynamic Web Based App with Admin Panel
  • (Internship will be awarded on skill and performance bases)
  • Student Can Repeat any Phase id Needed
  • Fast Track Also Available